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Bug Off Pest Control Center

Pest World 2014, Orlando

Enjoying some cigars at the Gator Park with the boys

Mike Dadd brought some Cubanos for us to enjoy

At the Orlando Crowne Plaza. Just can’t avoid the ladies

Control Zone created a custom fly light just for us

Voted King and Queen of the prom

Glam shot with Dini – it’s a tradition

Oh sweet mystery of love…


Croc eyes at the Gator Park

Big croc getting a little too close

Gator show

Gator show

You’re such a comfort to me, Dini

With the folks at Mattress Safe

Say “hello” to my little friend

Posing with the “Twin Towers”

At the IPCP Booth with Eaty Gourmet

With Liz Velte at the Eaton booth

Nuzzling with a little critter

I got to drive a Ferrari at the Exotic Freeway in Orlando