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Bug Off Pest Control Center

The 2009 New York Pest Expo “Special Bed Bug Edition.” Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The 2009 New York Pest Expo
“Special Bed Bug Edition”
November 11, 2009

Dr. Mike Potter, University of Kentucky and Dr. Dini Miller, Virginia Tech were on hand to present the latest research on bed bug habits and control.

  • Bed Bug Research, Management & Mayhem

  • Living With Bed Bugs

  • IPM in Public Housing

  • Essential Equipment: Your Bed Bug Arsenal

  • The Great American Bed Bug Challenge”


The Expo is open for business!

 Scenes of the Crowd

Settling in for presentations

Opening Ceremonies

Mike Potter on Personal Safety

Mike Potter on Legal Issues

The Great American Bed Bug Challenge

Our Exhibitors:

Brian and Frank, PMP Magazine

Craig Velte, JT Eaton

Bed Bugs and Beyond

Will Poston, Mattress Safe

Susan McKnight, ClimbUp

Bill Robinson, B&G Equipment

John Murphy, LiphaTech

Bed Bug Alert


Frank and Philis MacDonald, Select Insurance

Helene Fantini, Allergy Tech

Gunther Insurance

Tom and Gary, PBC Weisburger Insurance

Jeff O’Neill, Zoecon

Barry, Hi-Tech Steamers

Jon Cohen, Summit Chemicals

Atrix International

Second Shift, Inc.