The 2008 New York Pest Expo

Schedule of Events

“Insect Classification, Evolution & Diversity”
Jeffrey O’Neill, Central Life Sciences

“Green Options for Effective Pest Management “
Patrick Ryan, EcoSmart Technologies

“The Curious Lives of Blood-Feeding Creatures”
Dr. Bill Schutt, American Museum of Natural History

“Integrating IPM Into Your Marketing Program”
Harvey Goldglantz, Pest Control Marketing

“Rodent Update – New EPA Guidelines”
John Murphy, LiphaTech

“Successful Bed Bug Control – New Techniques”
Gary Geiger, Bed Bugs and Beyond

“A Survey of Essential Equipment”
Andy Linares, Bug Off Pest Control Center

Our Exhibitors
B&G Equipment
Bed Bugs and Beyond
Blue Creek Industries
Central Life Sciences
JT Eaton
EcoSmart Technologies
Gunther Insurance
Hi Tech Cleaning Systems
Mattress Safe
PMP Magazine
Pro Team
Summit Chemical
Waterbury Companies
Yellow Book USA
(Photos courtesy of Roberto Geronimo and B&G’s Bob Heiney )

Left: Barbara & Stephanie from Gunther Insurance Right: Barry from Hi-Tech and his steamer

Will Poston from Mattress Safe

Top: MGK’s Brian Cooney / Botom: ProTeam Vac’s Ed Gallitelli

Lipha’s John Murphy / Right: Summit’s Jon Cohen

ft: B&G’s Bob Heiney / Right: Jim Conroy and his Crevice

Left: The Eaton’s booth Right: The Bed Bugs & Beyond team with their fumigation tent

Left: Yellow Book’s Charles Noonan & Laura Germak
Right: Citibank’s Hung Le, Sherlyn Santana & Raul Hiraldo

Waterbury’s Charlene Mertz

Dave moving product at the Bug Off station

EcoSmart’s Pat Ryan who gave the talk on Green Options for Effective Pest Management.
Right: Harvey Godlglantz was golden at the Expo with his talk on Integrating IPM into your Marketing Program

Zoecon’s Jeff O’Neill started us off with his presentation
on Insect Classification, Evolution, & Diversity