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A Celebration of Sweden with Cryonite, July 30, 2014

On Wednesday, July 30, 2014, we gathered at Coogan’s Restaurant for a “Celebration of Sweden” with our friends from Cryonite. It was an evening of education and relaxation as we beat the New York City heat chillin’ in our own private Valhalla. The program began with a presentation by Jeff McGovern on the use of freezing in pest management. Afterwards we  released our inner Viking as we mingled with our beautiful hostesses; feasted on Swedish delicacies; enjoyed flowing drinks and a vodka slide and grooved to ABBA.

Assembling in the Valhalla Room at Coogan’s

Our hostesses, the Vikingettes

You’re so cool!

Gather round celebrants

Jeff McGovern showing Eric and George how to use the Cryonite System

Our Vikingette with Chris from Silvandersson and Jeff McGovern

A nice Swedish buffet

Surrounded by beauty (and some random guys)

Jeff on the horns of a dilemma

The Valhalla Room was decorated with Swedish motifs and colors

We blew out a bunch of Cryonite Systems at a deep discount

A toast to the celebrants

Larry Jenkins and Benjamin Valentin chowing down

With my favorite Vikingette

Mom was named Queen of Sweden

Lou Sorkin and George Ladd bonding

The boys from Ysoli Pest Control – Skol!

More grapes, girl!