2022 New York Pest Expo

2022 New York Pest Expo

20th Anniversary Edition!
“It Never Gets Old”

Food * Cocktails * Gifts * Prizes * Exhibits * Recertification Training * Special Offers * Great Location * Free Parking


The George Washington Bridge Doubletree Hotel, 2117 Route 4 East, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

The New York Pest Expo was back LIVE and IN PERSON! We had an amazing turnout at this year’s New York Pest Expo. It was great to be with everyone and feel the energy in the room. We want to thank all of our incredible speakers for sharing their expertise and engaging the audience. A huge shout-out to all our exhibitors for your support and great info you shared. Of course, we are deeply thankful for all our attendees who came from near and far. You make this event!

*Photos and videos provided by Roberto Geronimo (Geronimo Show), and Marty Whitford (PMP Magazine).


It All Starts Here: Label Comprehension & Compliance

Joe Barile, BCE – Bayer

The label is the foundation of professionalism. We will examine structural pest management developments and trends, our obligations as applicators, and the impact of non-compliance. We’ll also take a look at expected changes under the Label Standardization Initiative.

Shoo Fly! - Fly Management Solutions

Sylvia Kenmuir, BCE, MSc. – Technical Specialist, BASF

Sylvia explains how location attracts various fly species. She offers inspection tips and strategies, and reviews the biology and behavior of the major indoor and outdoor fly species, as well as the management tools available for their control.

The Art of Exclusion

Jeff McGovern – “The Pest Coach”

Jeff will guide us through the most important, yet neglected, aspect of long-term pest management. Exclusion reduces the need for pesticides and devices but it also requires expertise and skill. Learn how to identify access points and what the tell-tale signs of intrusion and harborage are. The “Coach” will also offer a tour of essential exclusion tools.

Application Technologies: Where We Are, Where We're Going

Dr. William Robinson – The Fountainhead Group

With his review of traditional application equipment and their limitations, Dr. Bill calls for a reboot on the features the next generation of delivery systems should contain. He also explodes the myths regarding power, volume, pressure and layering.

In It For The Long-Run: Long-Lived Organisms

Lou Sorkin, BCE – Entsult Associates

Lou will delve into the factors that favor longevity in nature. We’ll learn about some amazing long-lived arthropods. Lou will also go over the causes and remedies for long-lived and persistent infestations.

Are You Serious? - Rodent Management For Grownups

John Murphy – CO2 Development and Implementation Manager, Liphatech

Get ready: changes are coming to the way we manage rodent populations. John will share what some of the future trends may be and the way we can adapt to those pressures.

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