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2021 New York Pest Expo

2021 New York Pest Expo

The birth of pest management as an industry.
The evolution of pest management into a craft.
The revolutionary changes that will propel us forward.

Food * Cocktails * Gifts * Prizes * Exhibits * Recertification Training * Special Offers * Great Location * Free Parking


The George Washington Bridge Doubletree Hotel, 2117 Route 4 East, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

The New York Pest Expo was back LIVE and IN PERSON! We had an amazing turnout at this year’s New York Pest Expo. It was great to be with everyone and feel the energy in the room. We want to thank all of our incredible speakers for sharing their expertise and engaging the audience. A huge shoutout to all our exhibitors for your support and great info you shared. Of course, we are deeply thankful for all our attendees who came from near and far. You make this event!

*Photos and videos provided by Roberto Geronimo (Geronimo Show), Ellen Wagner (PMP Magazine), and Heather Gooch (PMP Magazine).


The Evolution of Rodent Pest Management & The Rodent Control Revolution Continues

Dr. Bobby Corrigan – Urban Rodentologist

Dr. Corrigan reviews the origins of formal pest management from the medieval rat catchers through the 19th century establishment of scientific standards and 20th century public health initiatives. Building on these foundations, he explores what the prospects are for strengthening our industry moving forward.

Historical Impact of Pest Management and Public Health

Dr. Stan Cope – VP Technical Products and Services, Catchmaster

Dr. Cope examines how pest management has impacted world history through its role in overcoming vector-borne diseases, and how the Golden Age of medical entomology ushered in new advancements. He also discusses some of the challenges that lie ahead.

A Survey of Essential Equipment

Jeff McGovern – “The Pest Coach”

Jeff offers an overview of the technological options we have for performing our duties better, including mechanical options, monitoring and trapping devices, “green” technologies, exclusions materials, sanitation, safety and personal protection.

Pandemics and Pests: When the Cat's Away

Lou Sorkin, BCE – Entsult Associates, Inc.

Lou delves into how arthropods behave in times of crisis and in the absences of pest management methods. He also addresses the minimum standards that must be maintained to avoid pest population explosions.

New Standards for Application Technologies

Dr. Bill Robinson – Urban Pest Control Research Center

Dr. Robinson goes over the origins and uses of common application equipment. He also offers perspective on the features that the next generation of delivery systems should contain.

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