2020 New York Pest Expo

2020 New York Pest Expo

Since launching in 2003, The New York Pest Expo has become one of the most significant events in pest management. Each edition continues to draw large numbers of attendees and exhibitors and serves as a showcase for some of the most notable speakers in our industry. The Expo is a gathering place where leading professionals enjoy a full day of food, gifts, prizes, exhibits, training and special offers. The Expo continues to thrive because it is always fresh and energized — a true celebration among friends!

Sadly, the events of 2020 will not allow us to meet in person this year. Instead, Bug Off Pest Control has created an online Expo page which will run for the entire month of November with the theme “We Are Essential.”  You’ll find:

  • An Exhibitor Showcase with instructional videos by major manufacturers;
  • All-Star Testimonials with messages from notable figures;
  • Upcoming Events where applicators can register for live, in-person recertification programs in New York City; and
  • The Blowouts section breaks down the major promos, discounts and special offers available at our Online Store and Showroom.


Experience The 2020 New York Pest Expo



These 2020 New York Pest Expo Blowout deals are available for the month of November ONLY, while supplies last. Available exclusively to registered Bug Off Members. Log in and visit the “Expo Blowouts” section in the Store right now!

Upcoming Training

Upcoming Training

Our professional pest control training programs — held live and  in-person at the Bug Off Career Training Center in New York City — consistently provide a high level of continuing education for pest management professionals. Space is limited, so act now!

Our Exhibitors

Stanton Cope, Ph.D.
AP&G (Catchmaster)

Dr. Cisse Spragins, Owner & CEO
Rockwell Labs

Jeff McGovern, Pest Control Consultant
The Resource Shop

Greg Baumann
Nisus Corp.

Andrea Hancock, Vice President
Mattress Safe

Tommaso Garavaglia
Polti USA

James Rodriguez, ACE
B&G Equipment Company

Dr. Bill Robinson, Technical Director
B&G Equipment Company

Dr. Bobby Corrigan
RMC Pest Management Consulting

Andrej Branc, Americas Business Manager
PelGar International

Kevin Connally, Area Sales Manager

Casey Prewitt, Sales Manager

John Murphy, Technical Support Manager

Michael Joyce
Pest Management Professional Magazine

Joe Barile, Technical Service Lead

Lou Sorkin, BCE, Forensic Entomologist
Entsult Associates, Inc.

John Phil, Senior Technical Representative
Bell Laboratories

Lee Barrett, VP of Business Development
Nisus Corp.

Our Exhibitors