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Bug Off Pest Control Center

The 2006 New York Pest Expo
Thursday, November 9, 2006

Training Programs:

Overcoming Roach Bait Aversion
Shawn Mullen, Bayer

Latest Advances in Rodent Control
Dr. Deanna Branscome, Syngenta

The Complete PMP
Peggy Malone, Cleary Chemical

The Technology Behind the Tools
Dr. Bill Robinson, B&G

LL37, Neighbor & School Notification Acts
Russ Grow, EcoSmart

Bed Bug Update
Dr. Deanna Branscome, Syngenta

The Bug Off Face-Off
Marty Whitford, Pest Control Magazine

B&G Equipment
Chase Bank
Cleary Chemical
Deluxe Pinpoint
JT Eaton's
Gunther Insurance
Mid Atlantic
Noble Pine
Pest Control Magazine
Pro Team
Second Shift
Smart Solutions Group

Full house at the Armory

Dr. Bill Robinson presenting "The Technology Behind the Tools"

L: B&G's
Dr. Bill Robinson R: Syngenta's Dr. Deanna Branscome

L: Waterbury's
Jim Martnick with Bug Doctor's Stuart Aust

R: ServicePro.Net's Ka Tsu

L: Cleary's
Peggy Malone R: Bayer's Shawn Mullen

L: EcoSmart's
Russ Grow

R: Noble Pine's Steve Goldrich and Mark House

L: Pest Control Magazine's
Marty Whitford & Matt Simoni

R: Bug Doctor's Stuart Aust with Mid-Atlantic's Steve Goscinsky

Andy with Chase Bank's Elsa Ricardo