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Right To Know Training, October 12, 1994

By Andy

Right To Know Training Presented by Andy Ferrigno (Ciba-Geigy) October 12, 1994 A comprehensive safety compliance program dealing with the Community and Worker Right to Know Act as well as SARA Title III. Establishing definitions…

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Mandatory DOT HAZMAT Training Program, May 25, 1994

By Andy

Mandatory DOT HAZMAT Training Program May 25, 1994 The first Hazmat training program we offered when it became mandatory that PCOs receive certifiable training every two years. Presented by Robert Girone and Ken Kuhajda

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Integrated Pest Management Techniques, March 9, 1994

By Andy

Integrated Pest Management Techniques March 9, 1994 Presented by Andy Ferrigno (Ciba-Geigy)

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Roach Control Fogging Techniques, December 8, 1993

By Andy

Roach Control Fogging Techniques December 8, 1993 Presented by James Shaffer (Micro-Gen) An exceptionally popular program on performing effective and safe space treatments in various accounts for a variety of pests.

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Rodent Control Program, September 29, 1993

By Andy

Rodent Control Program September 29, 1993 Presented by Bob Girone Our very first professional workshop.  

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Andy Linares is a man of the highest integrity with a strong sense of honor. I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Andy on a host of projects while I was the editorial director of PMP magazine, and I am here to tell you that Andy will deliver on what he promises. It's rare these days to find a business partner in which you can have absolute trust — but Andy Linares is just such a partner.

Frank Andorka, OH

2012 was my favorite Expo so far, and I have attended 9 of them! The spirit was incredible! Everyone came together in the wake of hurricane Sandy to prove that New York is the greatest city in the US and Bug Off leads the pack in NY-Style Events!!!
Jacque S., IL

Great meeting, Sir. It was a privilege to be included as a speaker. Your event should serve as a model for how it can be done. You engaged both the audience and the exhibitors. Both groups got value for the time and dollars spent to attend. Well done!
Jeff McGovern, FL

Andy is a very good contact to have. He makes sure all of his staff is fully informed in pest control. We invested in our staff and sent them to Andy for pest control training.
Jesus M., NY

They were really helpful when I had bug problems in my house. And were even considerate enough to orient me on what was the best solution for my problem. 

~Eduardo M.

This is the greatest and most helpful company when it comes to bugs/pests and how to effectively deal with them.  All the workers are very well educated, helpful and understanding.  They never try to sell you tons of products, you leave with exactly what you need every time!

Erica J., OR


1085 Saint Nicholas Ave

New York, NY 10032

(212) 781-2304

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