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Professional Pest Control Training Courses

Our professional pest control training courses are offered throughout the year and provide a consistently high level of continuing education for pest management services professionals.
Our guest speakers are nationally known experts who offer presentations on every aspect of pest control. The caliber of lecturers and diversity of subject matter make us an elite training institution.

Please note: Payment is final for all of our programs

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The Termite Training Course - Complete

Event Start Date: 2/20/2018 10:30 AM

Event End Date: 2/22/2018 6:00 PM

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Cost per place: $270.00

The Termite Training Course

12-Hour course presented in 2 sessions. 
Prepare for the Termite Category exam. 
Recertification credits for 7C
Eligibility course for license upgrade.
Credits for ACE recertification

Session 1:  Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Session 2:  Thursday, February 22, 2018


Bug Off's Career Training Center
1085 Saint Nicholas Ave (164-165 Sts.), Manhattan

Time:  10:30 am to 6:00 pm

Session 1:  7C:  6.0         
Session 2:  7C:  6.0 

Entire Course:  $270.00
7C Manual:  $39.00

Payment is final

Course Schedule

Session 1:


Biology and habits 
Colony structure and development
Primary species

Specialized Knowledge

Building and construction terms
Foundation types
Relationship between structural defects and infestations
Conditions conducive to infestations
Best practices

Special Considerations 

Wells and cisterns
Water tables
Porous foundations
Air circulation systems 

Prevention and Control

Mechanical alterations
Direct wood treatments
Foam applications
Liquid barriers

Termite Equipment and Use 

Rigs and attachments
Trenching and rodding
Sub-soil applications
Treating crawl spaces and foundations
Wood floors
Porches and stoops 

Session 2:


Federal and State regulations
Part 325.3 regulations
Certification requirements
Personal protection and safety
Environmental protection and safety

The Inspection

Conducting inspections
Inspection tools
Signs of activity
Legal and liability concerns

Other Wood-Destroying Insects

Carpenter ants
Wood-infesting beetles
Carpenter bees

Pre-registration is required.  Space is limited.
Under no circumstances will registration be allowed at the door.

Please Note:
If you arrive late or leave early for the training portion of this event, you will not receive a certificate. Persons without photo ID may not sign the roster or be issued a course certificate.


Andy Linares is a man of the highest integrity with a strong sense of honor. I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Andy on a host of projects while I was the editorial director of PMP magazine, and I am here to tell you that Andy will deliver on what he promises. It's rare these days to find a business partner in which you can have absolute trust — but Andy Linares is just such a partner.

Frank Andorka, OH

2012 was my favorite Expo so far, and I have attended 9 of them! The spirit was incredible! Everyone came together in the wake of hurricane Sandy to prove that New York is the greatest city in the US and Bug Off leads the pack in NY-Style Events!!!
Jacque S., IL
Great meeting, Sir. It was a privilege to be included as a speaker. Your event should serve as a model for how it can be done. You engaged both the audience and the exhibitors. Both groups got value for the time and dollars spent to attend. Well done!
Jeff McGovern, FL
Andy is a very good contact to have. He makes sure all of his staff is fully informed in pest control. We invested in our staff and sent them to Andy for pest control training.
Jesus M., NY
Great place to learn just about everything there is to know about pests. A wide selection, consistently stocked and helpful, knowledgeable staff.

~Jose S, NY

They were really helpful when I had bug problems in my house. And were even considerate enough to orient me on what was the best solution for my problem.

~Eduardo M.

This is the greatest and most helpful company when it comes to bugs/pests and how to effectively deal with them.  All the workers are very well educated, helpful and understanding.  They never try to sell you tons of products, you leave with exactly what you need every time!

Erica J., OR

As far as I'm concerned, Andy and the guys at Bug Off are the go-to resource for everything related to pest control. They stock a complete supply of pest control products and are not only highly knowledgeable about their uses/efficacy but can explain in both English and Spanish. Being a relatively new applicator, I was guided to Bug Off by some of the most respected experts in the business, and now I've come to depend on the courses, advice and networking opportunities offered by Bug Off -- especially the annual professional Pest Expo. Hands down, Bug Off makes me better at my job.
Maryellen Nugent-Lee, NY

Andy's the man and a true exterminating legend.
Lawrence P


Andy is very informative and helps out whenever it's needed. They always have the supplies my company is looking for. I truly enjoy working with him.
Karen A., Staten Island, NY


I just wanted to thank you for putting on an awesome training and product seminar. I must say that the knowledge base and participants you had available greatly improved my arsenal for pest control here on our campus and I really thank you for hosting this event. Again, thank you for a wonderful seminar and I look forward to the next one.

Aaron O'Neil

Le Moyne College