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Professional Pest Control Training Courses

Our professional pest control training courses are offered throughout the year and provide a consistently high level of continuing education for pest management services professionals.
Our guest speakers are nationally known experts who offer presentations on every aspect of pest control. The caliber of lecturers and diversity of subject matter make us an elite training institution.

Please note: Payment is final for all of our programs

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The 2015 New York Pest Expo - Honoring Women in Pest Management

Event Start Date: 11/11/2015 8:00 AM

Event End Date: 11/11/2015 6:00 PM



Veterans Day, Wednesday,  November 11, 2015, 8 am to 6 pm

The George Washington Bridge Doubletree Hotel
2117 Route 4 East, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

Free Parking!

Special room rates (Call 201-461-9000 and mention code E99).
You may also click here to reserve your room online.


NYS DEC Credits:     7A: 6.0, 7F: 5.0, 8: 5.0, 10: 6.0

Note: If you arrive late or leave early for the training portion of this event, you will not receive a certificate. 

New York State Certified Technicians and Applicators without a pesticide ID card may not sign the roster or be issued a course certificate.


Admission: $150.00 (By October 31); Late registration: $200.00 (After October 31)

(Breakfast, lunch and cocktails included)

 Payment is Final

Our Speakers: 


Dr. Nicola T. Gallagher, Ph.D.

Syngenta Professional Pest Management

 Managing Resistance in Flies

Resistance in flies is often inevitable. In this lecture, Dr. Gallagher will go over proven resistance-beating strategies. She will share university research updates and the results of efficacy trials of fly baits and new active ingredients.

 Dr. Nicky Gallagher joined Syngenta Professional Products in 2012 and serves as the Technical Services Manager for the Midwest and Northeast Professional Pest Management market. Dr. Gallagher has a strong background in urban entomology with over 10 years’ experience. Dr. Gallagher maintains responsibility for all phases of field testing and technical support within her region and coordinates numerous research programs with university researchers. Through her work at Syngenta, Dr. Gallagher continues her passion for protecting people’s health, property and their environment.  Dr. Gallagher holds a B.S. from the College of Mount Saint Joseph (Cincinnati, Ohio), along with an M.S. and a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio). This is Dr. Gallagher's second appearance at the New York Pest Expo.

Dr. Susan C. Jones

The Ohio State University 

Winning the Battle Against Bed Bugs

Bed bug resistance mechanisms, feeding and dispersal habits, their pest status and their role in disease transmission. An emphasis on a layered approach to their control and things to avoid when devising a plan of attack.


Dr. Jones is a Professor in the Entomology Department at The Ohio State University, and she is the OSU Extension state specialist on household and structural insect pests (2000 to date). She received her B.S. and M.S. in Entomology from Louisiana State University and her Ph.D. in Entomology from the University of Arizona.  Dr. Jones has spent  over 35 years as an urban entomologist, and her primary research interests include bed bugs and termites. From 1981-1995, Dr. Jones was a research entomologist with the USDA–Forest Service, focusing on termite baits and the efficacy of soil termiticides. Since 2004, Dr. Jones has worked extensively to educate the public and pest management industry about bed bugs, and she currently serves on two regional bed bug task forces in Ohio. She is a past member of the NPMA Blue Ribbon Bed Bug Task Force and the Ohio Bed Bug Workgroup. She has published more than 100 papers in scientific journals, proceedings, and trade magazines. She has been interviewed by the news media on numerous occasions on the topic of bed bugs, termites, and other structural pests.

This is Dr. Jones' first appearance at the New York Pest Expo. We are grateful to our friends at Allergy Technologies for sponsoring her presentation.

Dr. Dini Miller, Ph.D

Virginia Tech 

German Roach Control

Management methods for optimum control in multi-unit housing facilities. Case studies examining reasons for control failures. An emphasis on the costs involved in order to address public-health concerns properly. 

Dr. Dini M. Miller is a Professor at the Virginia Tech University, and the Urban Pest Management Specialist for the state of Virginia.  She is an internationally recognized expert in the area of urban pest management, particularly bed bug biology, behavior and control.  Dini Miller received her undergraduate degree from UCLA in 1991.  She completed her Masters (1994) and Ph.D. degrees at the University of Florida (1998).  Dr. Miller has earned the pest control industry’s Crown Leadership Award, the Entomological Society of America’s (Eastern Branch) Distinguished Achievement Award in Extension, the Gamma Sigma Delta Award of Merit in Extension, the 2012 Virginia Tech University Alumni Award for Excellence in Extension and, most recently, the Virginia Pest Management Industry Stewardship Award in 2014.  Dr. Miller’s extension program is designed to train pest management professionals, public health officials, apartment and hotel managers, and homeowners how to control indoor pests while reducing their pesticide exposure risk.

This is Dr. Miller's second appearance at the New York Pest Expo. We are grateful to our friends at MGK for sponsoring her presentation.

Dr. Faith Oi, Ph.D.

University of Florida 

Ants: Biology, Behavior and Product Selection

Dr. Oi will introduce us to problem ants - old and new. Their behavioral characteristics and identification keys. We will also compare the use of baits and sprays, especially in the context of pollinator label changes.


Dr. Faith Oi is the Director of Pest Management University, a hands-on training facility, and the Director of the Florida School IPM program.  She does applied research with graduate students to solve industry problems.  As part of her extension duties, she works closely with state regulatory officials. She was appointed to the Pest Control Enforcement Advisory Council, and has been a member of the National Pest Management Association’s technical committee for many years.

This is Dr. Oi's first appearance at the New York Pest Expo. We are grateful to our friends at Bayer Environmental Sciences for sponsoring her presentation.  

Dr. Cisse W. Spragins, Ph.D.

Rockwell Labs

Green Pest Management

What is "Green?" Dr. Spragins will explore the meaning from a societal, marketing and regulatory aspect. She will then help us create a "Green Toolbox" with accompanying strategies for the management of the major pests in residential and commercial accounts. 

Dr. Spragins received her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Tennessee and her master’s and Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She worked for rodenticide manufacturer Bell Laboratories, Inc. from 1989-1998 in the successive capacities of Researcher, Technical Director, and Director of International Business Development. She left Bell in 1998 and founded Rockwell Labs Ltd, to develop, manufacture, and market innovative IPM insect control products for the professional pest control industry.  The company is based in North Kansas City and currently has over 30 products in the US market and selected international markets, including CimeXa and BorActin dusts, InVict and InTice baits, EcoVia botanical insecticides, InVite lures, InVade bio sanitation products and several patented insect stations.  Dr. Spragins has spoken at pest management conferences worldwide on various topics encompassing IPM insect control and rodent control. This is Dr. Spragins first appearance at the New York Pest Expo.

Lou Sorkin, BCE,

Entsult Associates
Ladies' Choice - The Evolution of Mating Systems

The fascinating world of insect, arachnid and myriapod mating habits. We will learn how the female influences fertilization, sperm transfer and post-mating guarding. We will explore the mechanism of  sexual selection and sex determination and the phenomenon of asexual generations.


Since 1978 Lou has provided entomological expertise to homeowners, businesses, associations and institutions. He has been involved in cases regarding species identification, pest management and infestations as well as the diagnosis of bites and stings as they apply to various aspects of applied, medical, veterinary, and forensic entomology.  Lou  works extensively with pest management companies to implement integrated pest management programs for their clients.  Lou is a specialist in entomophagy (the practice of using insects as food) and offers lectures on the subject along with  tastings! Lou is often contacted by domestic and foreign television, radio and online news and educational programs when insect-related stories are in the headlines.  He provides expertise to authors, newspaper and magazine reporters plus editorial staff in the publishing world when insect-related articles are being considered for publication. Lou has made more presentations at the New York Pest Expo than any other speaker (male or female).

Our Exhibitors (So far...)

Allergy Technologies, LLC 

A great weapon in the war against bed bugs, ActiveGuard™ mattress and box spring liners are patented, fitted covers proven to kill bed bugs within 72 hours after installation in both lab and real-life scenarios. This translates into no live bugs crawling around under you while you sleep. Since the active liner goes on the mattress or box spring in the same way as a fitted sheet, installation is significantly easier with no ripping or tearing. Cutting edge research demonstrates that within only 10 minutes of contact, bed bugs tend not to feed and females do not drop their eggs, resulting in fewer bites and significant population control.   Its continuous protection, easy installation and success rate make ActiveGuard a natural choice for PMPs, public health and housing agencies, shelters, universities, property managers, hotels and other transient lodging facilities.


AmeriVap Systems

AmeriVap Systems markets a portfolio of commercial and industrial steamers.  The Steamax is the market-leading steamer preferred by PCOs in the treatment of all life stages of  bed bugs, fleas, flies and many other structure-infesting pests.   In addition to providing an instant kill, the Steamax cleans, deodorizes and sanitizes surfaces without chemicals.  The Steamax is compact, lightweight, user-friendly, durable, and very affordable.  The Carrying Case protects your investment, provides ease of transport , conceals the product  and keeps all attachments together. Come test it at the Expo and pick one up at a great price!



Anstar Products/FieldWork

Anstar Products Inc. is a family-owned and -operated company, made up of 2nd and 3rd generation pest professionals with more than 50 combined years of experience in the industry. We create products that are essential tools in providing great pest control service to residential locations, hospitals, food manufacturing facilities, warehouses, office complexes, commercial kitchens, schools, nursing homes, hotels, university campuses, and housing facilities.  In 2012, Anstar launched Fieldwork, web-based pest control software with iOS & Android native mobile apps.  Fieldwork utilizes the latest technology, is rich in features for both Commercial and Residential pest control, and is very easy to use. Companies can start using Fieldwork without getting locked-into contracts, paying expensive training fees, and can test-drive the Pro-Plan of Fieldwork for free at 



Atlantic Paste & Glue


Atrix International     

The Atrix line of Professional IPM Vacuums are Safe, Powerful, Clean, Efficient and Quiet. Why just kill bugs, when you can eliminate them? Increase your service, and increase your revenue with a Professional Atrix IPM Vacuum.

B&G Equipment Company   

Be sure to stop by and visit with Dr. Robinson between instructional sessions. He will answer your toughest bug questions and give you tips on using equipment to maximize your earnings potential. Don’t forget, B&G Knows How You Work!




When you’re Backed By Bayer, you have exactly what you need to get the job done right. From breakthrough products to business building tools, we’re making getting the job done easier and more efficiently than ever before. Visit us at the New York Pest Expo to find out how Bayer is transforming the future of pest management.


Bell Labs


Cryonite  USA

The Cryonite System is maufactured by Silvandersson and sold in the United States by Bug Off Pest Control Center. It is a unique, environmentally friendly technology that makes use of carbon dioxide to freeze all life stages of insects to death. Cryonite was originally developed for the control of stored product pests in the food industry, but it has also been successful in the control of roaches, wasps, hornets and, of course, bed bugs. The System can be safely employed in hotels, hospitals, schools and many other sensitive accounts. It can be applied on furniture, fabrics, electronic equipment and electrical outlets. Come give Cryonite a test run at the Expo and pick one up at a deep discount.


Ecologic Solution



Gloves By Web   

Gloves By Web is looking forward to exhibiting once again at the 2015 New York Pest Expo! Gloves by Web is a preferred protective apparel provider for many PCOs. We offer gloves, goggles, overalls, booties, bee veils, and more. In addition to offering quality PPE items at excellent prices, we’ve also developed a detailed training module for keeping techs safe in the field. We can’t wait to share this knowledge with the PMPs in the greater New York area.



Hibu is a 360-degree marketing company. We offer a full spectrum of marketing tools and services that go “Beyond Yellow” to lead our clients to success, now and in the future. Our range of products include Building Websites, SEO & SEM, Reputation Management, Social Media applications, Direct Mail, Print and more. All with full, transparent reporting. We go beyond yellow!! We’re looking forward to another great New York Pest Expo.


JT Eaton & Co, Inc.   

JT Eaton Co has been a manufacturer for the Pest Management industry for 81 years. We have a full line of rodent management products as well as bed bug management. Our ready-to-use liquid sprays and our NEW aerosol will help you combat the toughest bed bug issue. Please see us at our booth at the NY Expo!

Kness Manufacturing Company

Kness Mfg. Co. is world-renowned in the pest control industry. Its products are marketed worldwide. Kness conducts ongoing research to develop increasingly effective, cost-efficient products for all types of pests. The result? A comprehensive line of tough and tested products for the modern PMP.




Liphatech offers superior and innovative rodent control products. We strive to consistently provide the most effective products and outstanding customer service to assist Pest Management Professionals in improving the quality of human life. We were the first to develop and offer the newest rodenticide formulation – soft bait – the most significant improvement in rodent control technology in several decades. We see soft bait as the future of rodenticides. It can be used anywhere mini block rodenticide is used. Liphatech offers two soft baits: FirstStrike and Resolv. For more information about Liphatech and its comprehensive line of products, come see us at the Expo!



Mattress Safe, Inc.   

Mattress Safe, Inc. offers bed-bug-certified and state-of-the-art mattress protection that is waterproof, breathable, fire retardant and non-allergenic. Made from a luxurious fabric that is soft to the touch while conforming to fit any mattress, the KleenCover® Collection includes mattress, box spring, and pillow encasements for all of your bedding needs. P.E.S.T. Relief International is an organization for professionals in the pest management industry to empower, sustain, and transform lives. Through the REST Initiative, we coordinate with the pest management industry to provide shelters and orphanages around the world with a safe place to sleep. We provide comfort and relief through safe shelter, nutrition, education, physical and emotional health, and spiritual enrichment. Come join us as a Founder’s Partner and see how together, we have the power to change lives and communities.  “The New York Expo is a very informative show we always look forward to attending. Bug Off does a great job of updating and training pest management professionals with the most current information available.” Will Poston.



MGK has been in business for over 100 years. They manufacture Bedlam, Nyguard, Onslaught and the first-of-its-kind Vendetta Plus roach bait with the IGR already in the bait.



Monroe Infrared Technology

Monroe Infrared has been supplying state-of-the-art Infrared Cameras, Diagnostic Equipment, Thermography Certification Training and Professional IR Inspection Services for over 3 decadesWhether your need is Pest Identification, Home Inspection, Property Management, Scientific Investigation, Security, or other applications, the Monroe Infrared team works with you as a true partner.  A picture says a thousand words!  Infrared thermography is the only diagnostic technology that lets you instantly visualize and verify thermal anomalies on walls, floors, ceilings and roofs. Infrared cameras allow you to easily utilize these pictures to share visually with your customers what their eyes cannot see.




Mosebach Manufacturing Company     

Mosebach Manufacturing has been producing durable, reliable resistors/heat elements for over 80 years. Building on that technology and expertise, Mosebach has designed heaters using our industrial, time-tested resistors to generate heat for use in pest control. Mosebach’s BK1-DI heaters provide a range of possibilities in electric heat for pest control. The heaters are small, portable, powerful, simple to operate and much more affordable than traditional heating systems. Stop by and see us at the Expo and you’ll see what a difference there is!


New York Pest Management Association   

NYPMA is the one association in NY representing pest management professionals throughout the state on the legislative front as well as with the NYDEC. Members enjoy joint-membership with the National Pest Management Association. Both associations offer more than just CEU's providing members with pest ID, model contracts, background screening services, gasoline discounts, HR guidance and literature for customers and technicians. 


North Coast Media/Pest Management Professional Magazine

Our Mission: 

l To Arm pest management professionals (PMPs) with the industry intel needed to better control structural pests and better compete with other companies and do-it-yourself alternatives.

l To Educate PMPs through species identification and control tips, news of emerging pest management obstacles and opportunities, and updates on regulations, technologies, techniques, and business tools and trends.

l To Captivate readers with PMP’s unique brand of industry INFOtainment.


PBC/Weisbuger Insurance

It’s been more than 80 years since Weisburger wrote its first insurance policy for the pest industry. Since then, Weisburger Insurance Brokerage, a division of Program Brokerage Corp., has been providing insurance to pest management professionals (PMPs) nationwide. As the endorsed insurance program by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), Weisburger continually works to tailor its terms and conditions to meet the needs of all PMPs. The program is underwritten by “A” rated (excellent) insurance companies. It offers coverages that include General Liability, Auto, Property, Equipment, Umbrella and Workers’ Compensation.


PDM, Representing:

Rockwell Labs 


AB Bait

AB Bait Co. is a leading importer of pest control products into the US, sourcing high quality, effective products for professional users from leading UK manufacturer PelGar International Ltd.  AB Bait Co specializes in rodent control products, notably Brigand Soft Bait, a highly effective  and palatable bromadiolone-based rodent bait that is the only US formulation to use soft lard for better feeding and, therefore, more effective use.



EPIC is the manufacturer of the #1 selling line of natural animal repellents in the U.S. They include repellents for deer, moles, snakes, voles, rabbits, armadillos, wild hogs and cats. Their granular repellents last longer, are much easier to apply than other brands and are safe for children and pets. EPIC products help lower labor costs and give professionals the results they need.





Make Em Move is a manufacturing company which specializes in unique, green products for both bird and rodent control.


Pelsis, LLC.

Pelsis is a global supplier of environment enhancement products. We are a leading manufacturer of insect light traps, rodent bait stations, and many other pest control and hygiene products. Pelsis is focused on developing new, innovative products and solutions for the Pest Control market.



PestPac - A WorkWave Brand

PestPac is a web-based business management solution developed specifically for pest management professionals. From scheduling and routing to invoicing and accounting, PestPac has everything you need to run your entire business. With tools for the office, an easy-to-use mobile application, intuitive routing system and personalized support, PestPac is proven to grow and support businesses of every size for years to come. Reduce paperwork, maximize your time and make your job easier with PestPac.



Pocomos Software

Founded in 2012, Pocomos' goal was to update pest control software and make it modern, powerful, and easy to use. Pocomos' flexible software allows your company to become an unstoppable titan of efficiency. Create E-contracts in the field, take payment on any mobile device, and complete work orders on the go. Get what you want for one flat fee. Increase sales with robust salestracking tools. Increase operating efficiency with our powerful report suite. Route your stops effectively with our Google Maps Integration. Pest control software redefined by Pocomos.


Reneotech, Inc. dba: EcoRaider    

EcoRaider RTU Professional is proven to be effective for bed bug remediation. Fast acting resistance control, with lab- and field-proven 90% kill in one hour and 14-day residual. EcoRaider RTU Professional was named the most effective natural insecticide for bed bugs by an Entomological Society of America journal publication; and field-tested in a USDA IR-4 Public Health Pesticide Program study. EcoRaider RTU Professional is also a premium green solution for perimeter ant control for both indoor and outdoor use. It provides key benefits to pest management professionals including fast killing in minutes, disruption of ant trails and prolonged prevention for 4 weeks. EcoRaider has low odor and is non-staining. Its 25(b) status makes it safe for all environments and the perfect partner for IPM programs. Visit us at the Expo and pick up a pint of EcoRaider at a blowout price that day only. Learn how to go green effectively.